MB Civic Assoc. By-Laws

Amended January 4, 2011. The attached By-Laws are the governing documents for the Mountainbrook Civic Association only.

Mountainbrook Neighborhood Covenants​

As each of the 6 sections of Mountainbrook was developed, a set of covenants were placed to maintain the integrity of the neighborhood well into the future. For the most part, the covenants for all the sections are similar in how they handle such items as garages and carports but there are exceptions. Therefore, it is very important that you review the covenants with your real estate attorney before purchasing or making major changes to your property in Mountainbrook.  (please see Section & Lot Numbers linked PDF below to identify your section according to your address.)

The following covenant language applies to most lots in Mountainbrook:

• All lots are single family residential and cannot be subdivided into areas of less than 15,000sf.

• All structures cannot exceed the height of 2.5 stories.

• There is a 10' foot setback from all side lot lines for all structures.  Review specific plats for other setbacks.

• Garages and carports (specific lots have exceptions.)

     * No more than a 3 car garage or carport

     * Garages or carports cannot face the street

     * No detached garages or carports

• No fence or obstructions (not including main residence) exceeding 54" inches in heights shall be nearer to the front or side streets than the setback distances shown on the plat plan of the property.

• No trailer, basement, tent shack, garage, barn or outbuilding can be used as a residence temporarily or permanently.

• No farm animals of any kind.

• A 20' foot setback on all buildings and materials applies to properties that adjoin open water courses or parks.





Important Note

While we have done our best to include accurate information on this web page, you should have received a document at closing with describes the Mountainbrook Covenants that apply to your home.  This document is your best source of information.