What a lovely word and so descriptive of Mountainbrook. We have beauty, not just open space. This is part of what makes Mountainbrook the special neighborhood it is. Blessed with abundant trees and rolling hills, Mountainbook is an inviting green and shady landscape.


The Mountainbrook Civic Association’s aptly named Beautification Committee is charged with overseeing the planting and maintenance of nine landscaped areas within our neighborhood.  These are the entrances at Sharon View Road, Carmel Road and Rustic Lane.  Other areas include a median in Mountainbrook Road planted with Yoshino Cherry trees, islands in three cul-de-sacs and a road divider on Tinkerbell Land as well as a wooded triangle with a stream near the entrance to Anne Heinig Memorial Park and the Mountainbrook Swim and Tennis Club.


To keep all the common areas looking their best, our contractor KN Lawn Service provides weekly maintenance, fertilization, pruning, and over-seeding along with some seasonal color.

Plans and Projects 


The association recently replaced and added new plants at the Sharon View entrance as part of our ongoing beautification mission.  Other new plantings in this location include dogwood trees donated in memory of Frank Barnes, the long serving chairman of the Anne Heinig Memorial Park.

With much to do, additional donated funds are always needed for beautification as well as hands-on landscape efforts to supplement what is contracted.  Please sign up in the Contact Beautification section to help in these ways.  Notices of occasional volunteer projects are sent out via email and newsletter.  Your participation is welcome; no special training or knowledge is needed and are an opportunity to learn some pruning or other landscape skills.

Beauty, continuity, and an unsurpassed location are frequently cited traits used to characterize Mountainbrook. The charge of the Beautification committee and each of us as residents is to preserve and enhance the enviable place we call home.  

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